Corporate group with synergy effects

Agrochemie Handelsgesellschaft mbH and the former DreHa Group – comprising DreHa Dresdner Handelsgesellschaft für Agraprodukte mbH, GEVA Agrarhandel GmbH, Getreide GmbH Pirna and Reichenbacher Getreideumschlags-GmbH – have been taken over in full by the Agrofert Group and integrated into the newly created Agrofert Deutschland GmbH.

The Agrofert Group, which has 34,000 employees, also comprises the fertiliser manufacturers Duslo Sala, Lovochemie and SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz. By founding Agrofert Deutschland GmbH, the Group is now bringing together producers, wholesalers and agricultural traders to form one trading establishment. Agrofert Deutschland is a modern agricultural retailer and is optimally structured in line with current market demands. We specialise in industrial fertiliser sales, operating equipment sales and conventional agricultural product retail. We see ourselves as a partner to all the different stages in the retail chain as well as to the agricultural industry, and we place great importance on our proximity to our customers, quality and service. Our customers also benefit from the extensive resources of the entire Agrofert Group. There are also potential synergies extending beyond the Group, such as the new biodiesel facilities at our fertiliser production sites in Lovosice and Wittenberg.

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