In a recent creditworthiness analysis the Deutsche Bundesbank has for the first time rated Agrofert Deutschland GmbH with the assessment of “national bank approval” (Grade 3). Apart from its other significance, this is proof of the success of the streamlining and restructuring which has been carried out by the company over the past few years. This also means that the company has proved its very good creditworthiness, including in comparison with the results from other companies in the sector. The creditworthiness rating issued by the Bundesbank is represented by a grading, assigned on a scale from 1 to 7.

Background: According to the Bundesbankgesetz law, the Deutsche Bundesbank is the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. It monitors price level stability, administers the currency reserves, co-ordinates the operations involving domestic and foreign payment procedures, and contributes to the general stability of the payment systems. In its role as the “bank of banks”, credit institutions are entitled to assign and transfer certain specific claims against their business enterprises to the Deutsche Bundesbank, and in return obtain refinancing at economical rates. This also has a positive effect on the financing interest rates of the company in relation to its bank. A precondition for this, however, is that the particular company achieves the classification of “national bank approval”. To do this, the Deutsche Bundesbank analyzes the data from the company’s annual statements of accounts in a strict and stringent creditworthiness assessment procedure. The figures analyzed in this way then allow for a comprehensive insight into the economic and financial situation of the company under assessment. Companies who want to have their creditworthiness assessed can take advantage of a creditworthiness analysis by the Deutsche Bundesbank free of charge. More information available at: